How to Start With Story Development

developing a story may take huge effort if we don’t follow procedure. what are the things which we should consider while developing any story so that

Oct 17, 2022Β·

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πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ Here are some of the tips which I found useful while developing any story :

β†’ whenever any story assign to you, the first thing you should do is always go through story description and try to understand every requirements properly.

β†’ If you find any gap in requirements πŸ˜’, then always clear it out with PO(Product Owner). Along with that also prepare function question if you have any while going through the story.

β†’ Once you are clear with Requirements πŸ˜ƒ, now it’s time to go through acceptance criteria, it will be helpful while doing technical breakdown.

β†’ so, now functional requirements and acceptance criteria is clear, we can start with technical breakdown.

β†’ don’t jump into writing code directly, it will give you surprises later and also will take more time to come out of that loop. Technical analysis is necessary for any story development. The more technical breakdown you do, the lesser chances of surprises and edge-cases.

⛔️Things which you should consider while doing Technical analysis ⛔️

  • you technical analysis is your replica which you are going to code. so, always take your time to prepare technical analysis.

  • find is there any dependencies that your story will contain which needs to resolve first?? if yes, then try to complete it first and then start the story.

  • List down all the changes which you are going to do in your code.(which includes creating new functions, modifying existing functions, database changes, existing query changes, schema changes, creating new schemas, creating new API’S, modifying existing API’S, creating new services, controllers and repositories etc…)

  • while if your story includes changes in only front-end, then you don’t need detail break-down. you can go forward with implementation.

  • Also, Think about different optimizations while doing technical analysis and choose one which is best

  • List down your technical analysis in word document or if your organizations using Jira for project development the prepare confluence of your technical analysis.

β†’ Once, you are ready with technical analysis πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ, validate it with your senior or discuss if you are facing any challenges and found out a suitable solution to that.

β†’ Once, you get approval from your senior then you can start code implementation according to your tech analysis.

β†’ By following above steps, you already saved your coding time.

β†’ it will not always that you have 100% technical implementation clarity of story development. maybe, sometime you need to start coding implementation before analysis. but generally, 60–70% technical implementation clarity on every story development is must.

β†’ After done with development and testing 😴, Always attach your technical analysis link in your MR. it will be helpful to your reviewer in order to speed up the review process.

β†’ This is the one of the best ways to go for any story development.

β†’ Happy Coding!! πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

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